Calcium Aluminate Clinker is produced by burning the raw materials of high grade crude aluminous bauxite and limestone in arc-furnace kiln. It is mainly used in refining ladle to remove the sulfide impurities from steel liquid and keeping good fluidity of slag. It is a cost-effective additive in steel mills for slag-forming and desulphurizing. It is widely used by quality- conscious steelmakers in the world.

Physical performance and use:

  1. Low melting (≤1370°C), low viscosity of melting slag, good flowing property, short time for slag-forming;

  2. Big sulfur absorption capacity of slag stream; good desulphurisation, oxygen-removing and phosphorus-taking off properties; efficiently absorbing the impurities in the steel at the same time.

  3. Capable to increase the refining efficiency and the life of steel ladle largely.

Calcium Aluminate provides following benefits:

  1. Savings on the elimination or reduced consumption of dolomitic lime, fluorspar, aluminum and calcium carbide.

  2. Ladle and tundish refractory protection.

  3. Energy savings at ladle furnaces.

  4. Consistent slag chemistry.

  5. Faster steel refining times.

  6. Sulphur and inclusion removal in steel.

  7. Greater casting yields through improved castability.

  8. Application for aluminum and silicon-killed grades.

We handle all grades of calcium aluminate. Usually we divide them into 2 types, sintered type and fused type. Sintered type is calcined in rotary kiln, tunnel kiln and other kilns with fuels of gas and coal. Fused type is from electric arc furnace (EAF) only. We take interest in expanding the markets in your country, and would like to survey the possibilities of its applications in your steel mills.

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